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Maxo's Vehicle Loader is an addon for GTA Vice City that allows you to add more vehicles to the game without replacing the existing ones, since v0.93 you have been able to add more Emergency Vehicles, Taxi's and other similar things, also v0.93 introduced Tuning, which basically allows modders to create additional parts for there Vehicles, for example a Boot with a Spoiler on it, and then when MVL spawns this Vehicle it will either spawn with the Original Boot (No Spoiler) or it will spawn with the 2nd Boot model (With Spoiler).

Since the release of v0.94 MVL has been able to support San Andreas Vehicles, when I say SA Vehicles I mean that San Andreas Vehicles can be loaded into Vice City (Using MVL) with No Editing of the Files, and with the progression of the next few MVL releases Support for SA vehicles has only increased and became better and better, for example in v0.96a Maxorator added the ability for the San Andreas vehicles to Explode when the Petrol Cap was shot something that had never been done in Vice City before, so what comes next, who knows.

One big thing about MVL is that not only does it add more vehicles to Vice City but it is as easy as putting a .7z file in the MVL 'Vehicles' Folder and then a vehicle has been added to the game, it could not be simpler than that, another note is that MVL does not need DMagics Wheel Mod to display custom wheels on Vehicles as Maxorator has programed the tool to detect if there is custom wheels and use them.

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