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Sunshine Autos was founded in 1980 by Gary Biemans, founder and first owner of the property, lost a bet with his son after he came back from fighting in Iran with all his limbs intact. As a result of the bet, Biemans was forced to turn his former business, a well-known strip club, into a used car lot. This angered the loyal customers of the strip club who resided in the neighboring trailer park and, after many bloody altercations, ended up killing Biemans VIA car bomb in the winter of 1984.

As such, the property was put up for sale. Before long, it was bought by BJ Smith, a former store robber and football player for the Vice City Mambas, wanting to do what every retired celebrity aspired to do; open a business. However, shortly after buying Sunshine Autos and renaming it "BJ's Used Autos", the dealership came under investigation by the VCPD, who suspected it to be a front for selling cars that were stolen by Cuban gangsters residing in the nearby community of Little Havana. Smith denied all allegations, stating that the large amount of money he got was a loan to finance a renovation of the dealership, which happened later in 1985. However, the VCPD was still deep into their investigation and after finding out the following year that the showroom was also being used as a front for street racing, they clamped down on Smith.

Smith ended up bribing the police (because back in the 1980s, you could even bribe a cop to help you commit homicide), eventually accumulating a large debt. Smith then sold the dealership, which as since passed through many hands, and moved to Los Santos, where he played some more football before he went to trial for allegedly killing his wife and going on quite a slow police chase. And since then, Sunshine Autos has expanded to the internet, to give you the best deals in motor vehicles this side of the net!


We Sell Cars.


Thats what we do!

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