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 [ $1,200 | 21,245 Miles ]
Want to go all "easy rider" and see the country, but you're too tied down to your 9-5 office job? Instead of seeing the country, why not just ride down the end of your block, seeing as you're too big of a whiner to ditch the khakis and tie for a leather jacket? And for a whiner, you need a bike fit for a whiner! And with that, what better bike would be good for you than the Daemon? Four gears, kickstarter, and if you act now, we'll throw in some diapers because YOU'RE TOO BIG OF A PUSSY TO BUY A DECENT BIKE but hey, we aren't complaining.

[replaces Freeway]

[Author - universetwisters]
San Andreas State | Vehicle Type: | Views: 1493 | Downloads: 315 | Author: universetwisters | Date: 2015-03-12 | Comments (0)

 [ $15,500 | 64,869 Miles ]
Is it STILL a truck? Is it STILL a car? Is it STILL collecting dust in a guy's storage unit in Vermont? Not anymore! Sunshine Autos has brought you a pristine 1959 Picador AGAIN. Based on the "utes" from Australia, this is STILL THE American coupe utility vehicle that proved you can still look good in a pickup truck. Of course, that backfired when the rednecks came around, but hey! This is STILL THE 1959 Picador! STILL THE car that baby boomers lust after because their parents had them! STILL THE car that marked the beginning of socially acceptable farm work! STILL THE car that could be yours for $15,500!

[replaces Voodoo]

[Author - universetwisters]
San Andreas State | Vehicle Type: | Views: 977 | Downloads: 129 | Author: universetwisters | Date: 2015-03-05 | Comments (0)

 [ $1,500 | 284,528 Miles ]
Built in a factory in the British Midlands, the Tramp Campbell is one beast of a machine. 4-speed transmission, four stroke engine, durable steel frame, and everything in between. This bike can get you from the fields of England, the winding streets of London, and our hands, where we'll sell it to you for the LOW, LOW price of $1,500! Get on this deal as quick as you can for your chance to get your own British sports bike from the 1960s!

[replaces BF400]

[Author - universetwisters]
San Andreas State | Vehicle Type: | Views: 1316 | Downloads: 272 | Author: universetwisters | Date: 2015-02-20 | Comments (0)

 [ $4,000 | 834,245 Miles ]
We know commuting isn't fun, sitting in your car on the beltway for hours in bumper-to-bumper traffic with 80's pop music playing on the radio, constantly paranoid about the fact that while you're at your 9-5 office job, your wife is having an affair with the pool boy. At least with a car this sturdy, you'll have less of a reason to go on a shooting spree from your cubicle. Plus, this is a car made in Germany! And we all know the Germans make good things, such as the Berlin Wall, World War Two, and Bratwurst.

[replaces Manana

[Author - universetwisters]
San Andreas State | Vehicle Type: | Views: 1107 | Downloads: 166 | Author: universetwisters | Date: 2015-02-18 | Comments (0)

 [ $Best Offer | 500,000+ Combined. Miles ]
There isn't much we can say about it that the trailer some dopey kid in Florida made for us doesn't. Watch it, like what you see, give us a check.

[replaces Faggio, Taxi, Club, Copcarla, and Clover]

[Author - universetwisters]
San Andreas State | Vehicle Type: | Views: 1362 | Downloads: 316 | Author: universetwisters | Date: 2015-02-05 | Comments (0)

 [ $3,000 | 124,391 Miles ]
By far, buying this bike the quickest and easiest way to travel cross-country, unless you have a helicopter. But who can afford a helicopter these days? And even if you can afford one, there's no fun in doing stunts and jumps in a helicopter. Stop trying to argue, you're much better off buying this HIV-1000. Plus, with a price tag of $3,000, why buy a helicopter?

[replaces PCJ-600]

[Author - universetwisters]
San Andreas State | Vehicle Type: | Views: 991 | Downloads: 139 | Author: universetwisters | Date: 2015-01-27 | Comments (2)

 [ $2,250 | 782,368 Miles ]
Can you make food? Can you drive? Can you run a business? If you answered "yes" to all those three, then you should open up a pizzeria! And what makes a good pizzeria is whether or not they deliver. Do you want your pizzeria to be a good one? Then get this classic Blista Compact, formerly owned by the Well Stacked Pizza Company of Daytona, Florida! You got all you need to start delivering pizzas, a sign showing off your profession to the world, a cheap, economic car, and a few pizza boxes in the seat! Be warned, though, don't let anybody sit in the passenger seat or else they'll RUIN the pizzas. And you can get fired from that. So seriously though, don't sit on the pizzas.

[replaces Blistac]

[Author - universetwisters]
San Andreas State | Vehicle Type: | Views: 1051 | Downloads: 127 | Author: universetwisters | Date: 2015-01-26 | Comments (0)

 [ $13,500 | 582,365 Miles ]
What's more American than a liquor store robbery in broad daylight? And what's even more American than two blonde, broad-shouldered police officers with thin mustaches arriving on the scene to shoot down the perp in cold blood. But what's even more American than that? The squad car they arrive in - a 1982 Greenwood, formerly used by Florida's own Jaega County. Restored from original sirens to original seats, this is one squad car you won't hesitate to get into!

[replaces Copcarla, or any police vehicle if need be]

[Author - universetwisters]
San Andreas State | Vehicle Type: | Views: 891 | Downloads: 96 | Author: universetwisters | Date: 2015-01-26 | Comments (0)

Here's a real chance to own history! No, it's not the flag that was raised over Iwo Jima or the pen that signed the Deceleration of Independence. That's boring history. But not this! This is THE stock car used by the infamous Mark Mundyberg during the early 1970s. However, after getting stabbed to death in an Atlanta bar fight in 1975, this here historymaker sat dormant in a garage for almost forty years - UNTIL WE FOUND IT AND FIXED HER UP! Sure, it doesn't have the original stickers and stuff, but at least it's got the original rollcage, original spoiler, and original sealed doors. How much are we asking for this? $50,000. But keep in mind, though, that this car isn't to be treated like a rolling cupholder. This is to be treated like a fine lady on a date to the fanciest restaurant in town - and finding out you have no money when the check comes.

[Replaces - Bloodra]

[Author - universetwisters]
San Andreas State | Vehicle Type: | Views: 925 | Downloads: 119 | Author: universetwisters | Date: 2015-01-24 | Comments (0)

 [ $Best Offer | 0 Miles ]
Man, aren't rocks amazing? They come from the ground, they make up boulders, you can throw them and cause a great deal of injury and damage, and even better? The price of rocks are going down! That's right, I've been told from my insider trading friends that the cost of granite is going down, so here we're passing on the info to YOU! Buy these rocks from us, sit on them for a few years, and sell them to make a good income once the price of granite peaks again. Hell, act on this AMAZING investment now and we'll throw in this dump truck to cart it around in! But don't wait, you gotta act now!

[Replaces Benson]

[Author - universetwisters]
San Andreas State | Vehicle Type: | Views: 857 | Downloads: 133 | Author: universetwisters | Date: 2015-01-22 | Comments (1)

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