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Oddball collection of vintage cars
 [ $500 | 810,438 (combined) Miles ] [ DOWNLOAD (295.5 Kb) ] 2015-01-17, 3:18 AM
Hey, look what my nephew got at a car auction! I specifically told him to go there and get us something we could sell, and instead of coming back with something good, he comes back with three shitty cars! Some old Declasse Savanna squad car, a Boxville from 1969, and an old army Mesa converted for civilian use. Do we need it? Hell no! We're giving you a deal to get these three eyesores off our lot! For just $500, you can take these outdated contraptions home with you and do God knows what, we really don't care! Just get rid of them for us, please.

[replaces Yosemite]

[Author - universetwisters]
The Big Picture!
Category: San Andreas State | Author: universetwisters
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1 rodrigosjmatsuzaki  
Hello, you have some quite cool vehicles in SA style, in case you accept requests, could there be made avaliable some fire emergency vehicles that are ''retired'' such as a DFT-30 based firetruck?, like those Scanias, it would look good, you could also come up with some 90,s sedans... again i dont know if you accept requests but if you do i leave this here.

2 universetwisters  
I'll see what I can do.

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